Co-Sponsorship Application 2019-2020

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Eligibility:  To qualify for funding, your department or organization must be a recognized University or department or organization that does not have access to the Student Org or Academic Student Org Funds. There is no limit on the amount of funding an organization can request. The request must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks before the date of the event.

  • Requirements: You must submit the following documents with your completed application:
    1. A 450-500 word summary describing the purpose of your event and what activities you have planned for the event. Please make clear the expected attendance and how you plan on marketing the event to the campus community. If the event has happened in the past,please provide figures from previous years' events, including the projected budget and attendance amount. How do you believe this event will be beneficial to the Chapman community, and why do you believe the Student Government Association should provide funding for your event?
    2. Invoices, printouts of cost estimates and any other information that would provide further clarification about the amount of funding requested.
    3. Artwork of t-shirt designs, posters or any items purchased that will bear the SGA logo if approved for funding. (Please read through the "SGA Media Guidelines" document before submitting your application). The Allocations Committee will submit your artwork to the Director of Public Relations if your funding is approved.
    4. Food above $100 must be ordered through Sodexo. Please upload, if applicable, your event's Sodexo estimate.

Clicking the "I Agree" button below signifies that you have read the above instructions and agree to the terms of funding.
PR Agreement

All promotional materials (flyers, posters. etc.) must have the SGA logo included or another form of acknowledgement of SGA funding deemed acceptable by the Director of Public Relations. Your request cannot be approved for funding without approval from the Director of Public Relations approving your promotional materials. All forms of promotional material, including but not limited to flyers, tickets, and Facebook photos must include acknowledgement of SGA funding. Please upload any and all attachments at the end of your application. Please read through the "SGA Media Guidelines" document
Event Name
Date & Time of event
Expected Attendance (Chapman Students)
Expected Attendance (Non-Chapman students)
Event Description
Department/Organization Name
Campus Account Number
Number of Chapman University student members
What is the official purpose of this organization?
Preparer's Name
Preparer's Position
Preparer's email
Preparer's Phone Number
Cost Breakdown

Please upload a table listing all expenses and their descriptions on a per item and total basis.
Upload Invoices, printouts of cost estimates
Total requested amount as outlined in the uploaded documentation.
Do not include "$"
Please clarify any other sources of funding you will receive to help fund this event (including club member dues, contributions from other departments, etc.) You should also indicate whether you will earning any revenue from the event (i.e. entry fees, et
Total cost of event including expenses not requested from SGA.
Do not include "$"
Upload All promotional materials (flyers, posters, t-shirts. etc.)
Miscellaneous/ additional uploads
Miscellaneous/ additional uploads
Miscellaneous/ additional uploads
Additional Notes: